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Using data visualisation to deliver hidden insights

Every business is keen to know more about what they do, who they do it for and what customers think. Entadata makes business insights its own business and so a chat over tea with peter Robinson looked like a very useful way to spend twenty minutes.

Peter Robinson, Managing Director, Entadata Ltd.

It was; and to make the best of the time, we asked Peter the questions with which readers will be familiar.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: How did Entadata get started?

Peter Robinson: Having worked in the Qlik arena for the last 10 years, I decided two years ago that it was time to create a new Qlik UK Partner that was 100% committed to the Qlik product and delivered a premium service to clients.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What is the guiding business principle that drives Entadata?

PR: To deliver an optimum service to clients that have decided to use the Qlik BI tool to help their business gain deeper and more meaningful insight into their best asset – their data.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you feel is the greatest technology and software challenge facing businesses in the next two years?

PR: The biggest challenge facing industry over the next few years is the growth and subsequent processing of the 40 zettabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) of data that will be generated in the world by 2020. True adoption of Cloud processing and Software as a Service is also something that businesses have to embrace. Artificial intelligence and the use of software ‘bots’ are already being introduced which provides an early warning of how intelligent machines are going to undermine humans’ usefulness and power.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you see as the greatest technology and software opportunity for businesses in the next two years?

PR: There are a number of new opportunities over the next two years, such as: the memristor a microscopic component that can ‘remember’ electrical states even when turned off, possibly making flash memory, RAM and even hard drives obsolete within a few years. Also, Voice Recognition and Gesture based remote control where the idea is to employ a camera (such as a laptop’s Webcam) to watch the user and react to the person’s hand movements will become prevalent.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: In a sentence, describe your product/service/activity and what you do for your customers.

PR: Entadata develops interactive visualisations by combining multiple data sets used within a business to allow hidden insights into how the business has performed over any time period by selected parameters.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: Without giving away any secrets, what are your plans for the future of Entadata?

PR: Our aim is to double the size of the business over the next two years and with the help of Qlik, to drive BI innovation into more clients through the use of easy to use and simple to understand data visualisations.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you think will be the next ‘big thing’ in business technology & software and technology embedded services?

PR: Predictive analytics, voice recognition and robotics.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What has been Entadata’s greatest business achievement to date, and why?

PR: A recent installation of the Qlik product into a leading Travel Agent that allows their clients instant access through graphical visualisations to view their own data. This allows the clients to fully understand the type of business they are conducting through the Agency, by any parameter, and also allows the Agency to offer a premium client service that differentiates themselves from their competitors.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you expect to gain from exhibiting at Smarter Business Tech LIVE?

PR: To allow people to gain a better understanding of how Qlik can transform their business and to be able to work alongside new clients.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What would you like your customers to say about Entadata?

PR: That Entadata is ‘a safe pair of hands’ and a reliable business Partner that drives the client to realise true business benefits through the correct deployment of the Qlik BI tool.

Tea-time over, we thanked Peter for his time and answers and said goodbye, a lot better informed about using data.

You’ll find Entadata ( ) on Stand H32 at Smarter Business Tech LIVE 2017

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